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COVID-19 Outlook


SBB Research Group recognizes the profound challenges facing the community as a result of the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). In June 2020, the firm launched a special grant program to continue its support and engagement with impactful nonprofits during the pandemic.

Instructions for 501(c)(3) Nonprofits

Click here to apply for a $5,000 grant from SBB Research Group LLC ("SBBRG").

Please provide up-to-date contact information so that an SBBRG representative can reach you to learn more about your organization's mission and activities.​ If you have a pending application and your contact information changes (e.g., due to COVID-19), please email

Please apply only once per calendar year. Applicants that have not been selected as a Finalist or Winner will still be considered in subsequent months, so organizations are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

For more information, including the Selection & Award Process and Terms & Conditions, please visit

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